"Let food by thy medicine, and medicine be thy food" 


As a Registered Dietitian,  I am often asked why I decided to become a dietitian?  My love for nutrition started years ago while working in a plastic surgery/med spa center as an Aesthetician. Part of my job was to provide pre and post-operative skin care treatments for patients undergoing surgery. I realized through conversations with patients about their diet and nutrition which ones would most likely have an excellent healing outcome and those that may require a little extra help. 

My turning point with the desire to help individuals heal through nutrition came with one particular surgery patient. This patient was over 65 years, lived alone, smoked, struggled with pre-diabetes, and did not follow a healthy diet.  As I suspected, their post-operative healing encountered some complications.  While I was helping with their healing skin treatments, we discussed eating healthy and lifestyle habits.

I discovered through our conversations they were not eating nutrient-dense foods to foster the healing process along with getting additional anti-oxidants since they were a smoker.  With a few recommendations, the wounds started to heal, and they learned along the way the importance of nutrition and health.


I earned my bachelor's degree from The University of Alabama in Nutrition and Dietetics and my master's degree from The University of New England in Applied Nutrition. My post-graduate work consisted of a 1200+ hour clinical internship with Morrison Healthcare at Advent Health in Tavares, Florida, with a concentration in surgery/orthopedics. 

I look forward to helping you with your nutrition health goals. 

About Your Dietitian 

Where there is health........

          there is beauty